When it comes to choosing women’s running shoes, you are going to have to do a bit of research and investigation, especially as a triathlete. The reason for this is that your shoes are extremely important and there are so many available on the market that it will take time to find one that is right for you.

The best women’s running shoes are designed for a variety of different foot structures and for a number of different tasks. This means that while a pair of Adidas may be the perfect running shoe for your best friend while you may need the new Nike’s or New Balance for the way your foot is shaped and the way that you run.

My plan in this article is to help you find the best women’s running shoes that meet your requirements, giving you the best choice as a woman triathlete for extreme success. Women’s shoes have evolved greatly over the last 10 years. For this reason it is worth taking the time to research different types of shoes in order to ensure that you get the pair that is most appropriate.

It is hard to imagine, but the fact is that women really just started taking up running in larger numbers around 30 years ago.

Additionally, it was only 25 years ago that the Olympics held a women’s marathon as one of the events. Over the past 10 years, the fastest growing demographic for women runners is those in their 20s. The best part about this is that unlike other sports such as football, tennis, or squash, women, and men are fairly equal on the running field. However, there are some things about running that typically only affect women. For this reason, women’s running shoes need to be made a bit differently. We will look at the best shoes that are available for women and how to find one that is appropriate for your style of running and the way your foot is structured.

Best Women’s Shoe Makers
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The first thing to note is that there is not one single maker of women’s running shoe. You will want to buy a shoe that is of high quality, but all of the top brands of shoes make a running shoe that may be the best for you but not for another woman. These brands include Saucony, Mizuno, Brooks, New Balance, Nike, Asics, and Adidas. Both Asics and New Balance offer a wide line of running shoes for women. Typically, it will be best to start with one of the above brands as they will typically have a shoe that will match the pronation of your foot.

Finding Your Perfect Shoecheap nike air max shoes
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The first step in finding the perfect women’s running shoes is to determine your pronation. You will either need to do this on your own by creating footprints or by going to a specialty running store and having them help you.

If you over pronate you will want a motion control shoe. If you have neutral pronation a stability running shoe will be best. If you under pronate you will want a cushioned running shoe.