You’ve taken the stairs, and you’re feeling proud of yourself for having steered away from the escalator, when suddenly your shoe catches on a tile, you lose your balance and you fall down a flight of stairs. Or you’re preparing supper for some friends when you slice your finger instead of the cucumber. Life is full of nasty surprises and accidents happen. But if you know these basic first aid tips, you needn’t panic. Simply print this page out and keep it in a handy place, for the next time life throws you a curve ball.A, “beauty sleep” view has become more and more popular. authentic jordansIndeed, sleep is the best hairdressing method. We should know that our skin at night usually organize update and repair, if can before 11 p.m. to sleep, but sleep to nature to wake of words, skin can luster and elasticity. Plenty and high quality sleep for hairdressing effect is from internal body, rather than rely on all kinds of cosmetics to conceal flaws to more natural. Many women spend thousands of dollars a month while to buy all kinds of high-end cosmetics, side stay up late every day, rather than choose cost-effective professional skin care and go to bed early to material benefit effective.north face hoodieProtect the skin another point is to keep weight basic constant. Scientific studies have proven that, obesity will increase acanthosis nigricans, dermatoglyph disease, skin infections and psoriasis and so on the many kinds of skin disease. And, the skin is not rubber band, the two months drum up, after two months and shrink down, back and forth over a few times, will surely lead to skin flabby ahead of aging, lose vitality. Reduce weight period is caused extremely easily malnutrition, and malnutrition can seriously harm the skin. Almost all to lose weight fast measures are extremely harmful to skin healthy and rapid rebound as bad also. Therefore, if you want to fat sister whitening, best slowly lose weight, go on a diet to lose weight so be it.moncler jackets 2013Second, the stress in your life is a great natural skin whitening. Modern life let young we feel great pressure, but we can’t be pressure of, we have to learn how to get rid of those pressure, liberate oneself mood. We canmoncler bootsIn order to bubble hot spring, or to overseas a vacation, if have no time and money, play video games out a can. In a word, is let go play to release the pressure. Through the moderate play to eliminate pressure, maintain in a cheerful mood, the skin will become good.Four, the life lies in sports, is also very good hairdressing measures. People face skin vascular special fine, particularly sensitive to microcirculation status. Can let the body warm up, cardiopulmonary function gets a little challenge movement, can greatly improve the blood circulation, make the skin fully ruddy and luster. Often movement, muscle strength, on the face is not easy to relaxation, the skin texture will also have more flexibility and energy, for whitening skin care is also good.moncler soldesCommon aerobics projects are: walking, go quickly, canter, race, ice skating, long distance swimming, cycling, tai chi, jump JianShenWu, rope skipping, rhythmic gymnast

Insect Bites: Carefully remove the sting by carefully flicking it out with a knife, instead of using tweezers which may result in bursting the little poison sac in the sting, releasing more toxins into the skin. Rub an ice cube on the sting to reduce swelling. For bee stings, clean the area with bicarbonate of soda. For wasp stings, clean the area with vinegar.

Burns: Don’t apply any greasy ointments, butter or other fats to the area as this will intensify the burn. Run some cold water over the burn to cool the area. If the burn is over a large area, give the person cool water to drink, to replace lost fluids. Then apply a bit of honey to the burn, which is a natural antiseptic. When the burn begins healing, start applying vitamin e creams to reduce scarring.

Fainting: Don’t try to lift the person right having fainted. Help them to remain flat with their legs slightly raised as this helps the blood flow to the brain. If possible give them peppermint tea to sip, if not possible, water will do.

Nosebleeds: Help the person sit down, leaning slightly forward. Pinch the bridge of the nose firmly for a few minutes. Apply an ice cube or cold compress to the bridge of the nose or a tissue to stop the bleeding. If the person experiences very heavy bleeding, consult a doctor.

Cuts and Scrapes: Stop bleeding by applying pressure to the cut, raising the limb higher than the heart, is bleeding is a bit heavy. Then clean the wound to avoid infection. Rinse with soap and water. Apply a gauze soaked in a bit of petroleum jelly, to keep the wound moist thereby preventing a scab from forming. Then wrap the wound firmly (but not too tightly) in an elastic bandage.

Bruises: Apply ice to the area, at 15 minute intervals, allowing your skin to warm naturally in between applications. After 24 hours, apply heat to the area to improve circulation. Keep the limb raised. Increase your vitamin C intake by taking 500 milligrams, three times a day.